Christian Education

CE 103 Methods and Principles of Teaching - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the responsibilities of the teacher; principles of the teaching-learning process, methods of presenting Biblical truth, audio-visual aids and classroom management. Assignment may include observation experiences. 

CE 213 Church Ministries - Credit Hours: 3 
The focus of this course is to deal with the role the church is to have on society in the 21st century.

The student will actively participate in the discovery, experimentation and evaluation of various ministry models 

and specific ministries (age-level, gender/age specific, etc.)  

CE 223 Introduction to Christian Education - Credit Hours: 3
A survey of the church in educational goals and responsibilities. A study is made of learning styles, program organization and administration, and curricular materials for various departments in the church.

CE 303 Children's Ministries - Credit Hours: 3
A survey of various children's programs designed for child evangelism and training. Study includes neighborhood clubs, Kid's Crusades, Vacation Bible School, Children's Church, storytelling, puppetry, drama and audio-visual aids.

CE 313 Christian Camp Internship - Credit Hours: 1-3
With administrative approval credit will be given each session for children or youth camp experience. Written reports on various aspects of camp organization, administration and evaluation may be required.

CE 323 Adult Ministries - Credit Hours: 3
The exploration of types of programs needed to provide evangelism, spiritual growth, and fellowship for all adults whether singles, young married, middle age or senior adults.

CE 353 Vacation Bible School Internship - Credit Hours: 1-3
With administrative approval credit will be given each session of Vacation Bible School experience. Written reports concerning preparation, organization, and administration and evaluation may be required. 

CE 403 Christian Education Administration - Credit Hours: 3
A study of church education organization, leadership requirements, recruiting and training of workers, job descriptions, goal setting and implementation and staff relationships.

CE 433 Christian Education Internship - Credit Hours: 3
The student will be assigned to a local church ministry in the Christian Education program under the direction of a staff minister.  The course is to enhance knowledge and experience in developing leadership skills. Required for Christian Education specialization and degree.

CE 493 Christian Education Seminars - Credit Hours: 1-3
Seminars of various christian education topics are offered periodically