MU 101 Piano I - Credit Hours: 3 
This course  introduces basic note reading, scales and chord structures. Students will learn to play simple musical selections. Additional hours out of class practice time per week is required.

MU 111 Piano II - Credit Hours: 3
This course is a continuation of Piano I. Students will be introduced to more difficult timings, will learn to play in various keys and acquire a knowledge of notes, note values and chords.

MU 121 Voices of Western Choir - Credit Hours: 1-3
This course consists of a vocal group which may be featured at various functions of the college.  The group or individuals may also represents the collegel at churches or community functions upon request.

MU 123 Keyboard I - Credit Hours: 3
A course for persons with a basic knowledge of the keyboard. Instruction will include an introduction to scales, keys, chords, chord relationships, the circle of fifths and playing hymns and choruses without printed music. Three hours out of class practice time per week is required.

MU 133 Keyboard II - Credit Hours: 3
A study of harmony, chords, and chord relationships, transposing, fill-ins and modulation.

MU 203 Fundamentals of Music - Credit Hours: 3
A study of elementary theory of music notation, key signatures, scales, and chords. Practical application of the course includes church music structure, theology of music, and basic conducting.

MU 333 Conducting - Credit Hours: 3
This course introduces fundamental techniques of conducting choral and instrumental music. Rehearsal techniques and sacred choral and instrumental literature may also be studied.

MU 493 Music Seminar - Credit Hours: 3

This course is with approval of the academic committee.