General Studies

GS 101 Study Skills - Credit Hours: 1-3
This course focuses on improving reading speed and critical thinking.  Increased techniques for comprehension and development of study skills will be emphasized.

GS 113 Math Skills - Credit Hours: 1-3

This course focuses on improving and understanding fundamental and basic mathematical skills. 

GS 233 Personal Finance - Credit Hours: 3
A study of effective personal management guidelines for budgeting, banking, insurance, loans, realestate, investments, and other various finance markets.

GS 303 Elements of Record Keeping - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the process of basic accounting practices in bookeeping and other simple records. An introduction to understanding and interpreting financial reports.

GS 343 Church Finance - Credit Hours: 3
This course focuses on assessment, planning, implementtion, evaluation, and interpretation of church finances. A basic introduction of  IRS and other government guidelines, multi-plant / property management, audit processes, risk management and insurance needs may be included. 

GS 493 General Business Seminars - Credit Hours: 1-3

Seminars of various general business topics are offered periodically.