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WBC Faculty/Graduate Rev. Shelly Hogan

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Rev. Karen S. Johnson


I want to share my lifelong dream of completing a baccalaureate degree. In April of 2008, I achieved that dream and graduated from Western Bible College (WBC) with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries. As Registrar of WBC, I became aware of the unique opportunity afforded to working adult students. The encouragement and support of President Barbara Schulz allowed me to accomplish this dream. My studies and instructors at Western Bible College sparked the desire within me to pursue a new dream in my journey of lifelong learning. 

In my search of a graduate program, I applied and was accepted at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS). During this process, I discovered the offering of a brand new degree program for women encompassing a combination of students pursuing doctorate and masters degrees. This program was limited to a cohort of 20 women.  Entry into it seemed like an impossible dream.  Much prayer went into this quest. 

It is with great joy I report I was selected as one of the 20 women in the “Leaders Worth Following” Women’s Leadership Cohort at AGTS.  My counselor informed me that “each participant was selected prayerfully and thoughtfully, bearing in mind the dynamic each will contribute to the total cohort experience.” 

I am blessed and humbled by the doors that have opened for me in my dreams of higher education.  I recognize that God is doing a work in my life for His glory.  As I pursue my graduate studies, I am also a candidate for ordination with the Arizona District of the Assemblies of God.  As Registrar at WBC, I am thankful for the opportunities to share with students how dreams do come true.


Testimony of Rev. James L. Dantzler, IV

(April, 2008)

President Barb,

I wanted to take time to say how very much I appreciate your efforts in helping me reach this milestone in my life, which I believed to be unreachable. Your desire to see students, like me, get to the Graduation finish line has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. My dream (the true desire of my heart) was to one day be a College Graduate with a BA or BS in any subject. I believe that the Lord created me to be a Pastor of a local Church body. That "Calling" became the focus of my life and the desire to be a Graduate was simply a dream that would never come true. You have been instrumental in helping this dream become reality and I cannot tell you how much it means to me. The new desire of my heart is that I can be used of the Lord (the way that you are used of Him) to help others in the body of Christ reach the desires of their heart.

Thank you for serving Him,
Jim Dantzler
(2008 Graduate - Western Bible College)


Testimony of Rev. Gene White

I attended Western Bible Institute, today known as Western Bible College, when I was a District Manager for a retail company. During my three years stay at WBI I worked an average of 60 to 80 hours per week and attended school in the evenings.
Since my time was so limited to study, I would study while driving through my District.  As I drove across nothern Arizona from Page, Arizona to Gallup, New Mexico, I would pray for God's saftey and for my learning ability.  As I drove on the open highways I would lay a book across my steering wheel and begin to study.  God blessed me greatly in safety on the highway as I studied.  Many times as I drove through the Navajo Country, God's Holy Spirit would come upon me and draw me close to Him.  Even to this day as I drive through the Navajo Nation, God wills my mouth with praises to Him in a heavenly tongue.
Brother Searls, the President of the college during this time would bring his complete class into the presence of God as he would begin to sing "Come Holy Spirit".  I probably learned more about God and God's ways sitting under his teaching than I had learned up to this time.  He would always encourage the students with the power of God and God's love.
While going to WBI, my retail operations manager tried to force me to quit.  I told him I would not quit.  I also told him that my schooling was not hurting my position of a District Manager.  It was during this time, as well as before and after, that my District was the number one District in the Division.  Also one of these years my District was number one in the entire company.  God helped me as a student and a believer to do justice to my business, and to learn more about him.
Upon graduation, I applied for my initial license with the Assemblies of God.  Today I celebrate about 20 years of being an ordained minister.  I am the associate pastor in Foutain of Life Community Church, A/G, in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  Under the direction of my Pastor, Dan Crouch, I am given the opportunity to teach the adult class and to teach Wednesday's Bible Study.  In the Pastor's absence I am given the wonderful opportunity to preach God's Word.

Love in Christ,
 Rev. Gene White  


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