Pastoral Studies

 PS 213 Evangelism - Credit Hours: 3
This course introduces analysis of soul winning methods and various evangelistic methods including visitation, literature, altar and pastoral evangelism.

PS 223 Homiletics I - Credit Hours: 3
This course is an introduction to the correct form and structure of sermon outlines. Topical, textual, and expository sermons are given special emphasis.

PS 303 Youth Ministries - Credit Hours: 3  

Units of study include the physical and emotional development of youth, and exploration of evangelistic, discipleship and fellowship approaches to Junior High, High School, and College age persons. 

PS 323 Church Planting I - Credit Hours: 3
This course is designed for pastors of congregations who have a desire to mother a new church plant as well as for individual church planters. The course will explore various models of new church plants with a focus on the elements necessary for a healthy church plant.

PS 343 Pastoral Theology I - Credit Hours: 3  (Ministerial Ethics)
This course includes a study of ministerial ethics noting special attention to the minister's code of ethics. The content will deal with the minister and his/her community, life, and personal development.   This course will take a look into the work of the ministry and duties falling upon the worker in the harvest field of the Lord. 

PS 353 Apologetics - Credit Hours: 3
A philosophical study of the evidential basis for Christian faith. This course encourages students to explore the relationship between faith and reason and to develop an appropriate defense of a Christian worldview.  

PS 363 Deaf Culture Ministry - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the culture, traits, values, and institutions which constitute the world of  the hearing impaired. Strategies for establishing or improving ministry to the deaf will be reviewed. Administrative approval is required for this course.

PS 423 Church Administration - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the minister's role as executive administrator in church affairs. This course may include a variety of administrative areas such as;  organizational chart functions, leadership and management strategies, staffing and scheduling responsibilities, personnel policies, public relations, church budgeting, marketing. advertising, risk management, insurance needs, basic accounting and banking principles.  .

PS 433 Church Growth & Evangelism Internship - Credit Hours: 3
This course requires administrative approval.  An  upper-division student will engage in an appropriate field experience under the supervision of a pastor.  See Internship manual for details of requirements.  This course is required for all baccalaureate degrees.  It is designed to be individualized for the student/intern.  .

PS 443 Homiletics II - Credit Hours: 3
This course is a study of sermons of great preachers of the past and practice in organization, preparation and delivery of sermons. Prerequisite: PS 223

PS 453 Pastoral Theology II - Credit Hours: 3  Ministerial Leadership and Management)
This course may include topics in identifying  mission, vision, core values, goals, strategic planning, organizational development, leadership styles, conflict management,  and change theories..

PS 463 Church Administration Internship - Credit Hours: 3 
This course requires administrative approval.  An upper division students may receive internship credit for appropriate ministerial experience.See Internship manual for details of requirements.  This course is required for all baccaaureate degrees.  It is designed to be individualized for the student. 

PS 483 Pastor, Church and Law - Credit Hours: 3
This course is a broad study and overview of legal issues and responsibilities facing the pastor and the church. Topics may include incorporation, tax-exempt status, risk management, policy and procedures, employee handbook, litigation and other various current legal issues. 

PS 493 Pastoral Studies Seminars - Credit Hours - 1-3

Seminars of various topics relevant to pastoral studies are offered periodically.