LA Sign Language IA - Credit Hours: 3
Instruction incommunication techniques with the deaf including signing and fingerspelling with emphasis on conversation, vocabulary, and concepts.

LA 233 Sign Language IB - Credit Hours: 3
Acontinued study of vocabulary, conversation, and communicationtechniques with emphasis on conceptual accuracy, religious signing, andidioms.

LA 123 Spanish IA - Credit Hours: 3
An introduction to the essential elements of grammar, pronunciation and simple conversation.

LA 243 Spanish IB - Credit Hours: 3
Continued training in conversation with emphasis in grammar, reading, and composition. Prerequisite: LA123

LA 313 Greek IA - Credit Hours: 3
AN introduction to the grammatical forms, syntax and vocabulary of New Testament Greek.

LA 323 Greek IB - Credit Hours: 3
Continued study of vocabulary and advanced grammar with translation of portions of New Testament. Prerequisite: LA313

LA 413 Advanced Greek - Credit Hours: 3
Reading and translation of Greek New Testament sections. Prerequisite: LA 323

LA 433 Hebrew I - Credit Hours: 3
An introduction to Old Testament Hebrew with emphasis on improvement of vocabulary and translation skills.

LA 443 Hebrew II - Credit Hours: 3
Advanced study of Hebrew grammar with emphasis on learning the alphabet, grammar and developing vocabulary. Prerequisite: LA433

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