TH 103 Assemblies of God History, Polity and Governance - Credit Hours: 3 
This study includes an examination of the ecclesiastical structure of the Assemblies of God, with particular attention to the General Council and District Constitution and Bylaws.

TH 113 Introduction to Theology - Credit Hours: 3
An introductory survey of significant theological perspectives, personalities, and terms. The relationship between biblical theology, systematic theology, and historical theology will be explored. The doctrine of Bibliology to include inspiration, inerrancy and the authority of Scripture will be explored. Emphasis is placed on the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the General Council of the Assemblies of God.

TH 203 Systematic Theology I - Credit Hours: 3
This course will focus on the work of God the Son. The doctrine of man (Anthropology), his unity, constitution and his fall, the doctrine of sin (Hamartiology), and the doctrine of angels (Angelology), will be studied. Finally, students will focus on the Lord Jesus Christ (Christology) to include His persons and work on the cross.

TH 213 Systematic Theology II - Credit Hours: 3 
This course will introduce the work of the Spirit of God (Pneumatology) especially in regard to salvation (Soteriology) in include atonement, calling, conviction, justification, adoption, regeneration, sanctification and healing. A study of the Spirit's present ministry to and through the church (Ecclesiology) will be explored and finally, the study of the doctrine of the last things (Eschatlology) to include the Second Coming of Christ, the period between the rapture and the revelation, the resurrections and judgments, the millennium, and the final state will be studied.

TH 303 Biblical Theology of Prayer - Credit Hours: 3
This course is comprised not just of theory but emphasizes the practice of prayer. A historical study of prayer as well as contemporary practice of prayer will assist the student in developing a regular prayer life.

TH 343 Systematic Theology III - Credit Hours: 3
This course will focus on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. A scriptural presentation of the person, gifts and work of the Holy Spirit. Special emphasis is given to what it means to practice Pentecostal Theology.

TH 493 Theology Seminars - Credit Hours:  1-3
Seminars on various theology topis are offered periodicvally.