EN 103 English Fundamentals - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the fundamentals of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics of writing.

EN 113 English Composition I - Credit Hours: 3
This course emphasized grammatical concepts, sentence structure, paragraph development, usage and vocabulary.

EN 213 English Composition II - Credit Hours: 3
An advanced study of the writing process with emphasis on the preparation of the research paper, and the writing of descriptive, persuasive, and expository essays.

EN 223 Public Speaking - Credit Hours: 3
A basic course which provides both principles and practice of effective speech composition and presentation. The class considers the speaker, his/her speech, the audience and the occasion. Written and oral presentation of speeches may be required.

EN 493 Communication Seminars - Credit Hours: 1-3

Communication seminars are offered in a variety of topics periodically.