MS 203 A/G Missions - Credit Hours: 3
This course covers an introduction to general guidelines, qualifications and procedures for application and appointment processes for Assemblies of God US and World missions.  A study of the basic approach to Missiology.

MS 243 Cults - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the New Age movement, doctrines of the leading modern cults and major religions of the world.

MS 353 Comparative Religions - Credit Hours: 3
A survey of the major non-Biblical religions of the world. The strengthens and weaknesses of these religions with Evangelism strategies of ministering to these cultures are explored. The distinctive features of Christianity are compared with other world Religions.

MS 403 Cross-Cultural Ministries - Credit Hours: 3
An in-depth study is made of indigenous church principles. A study of cultural differences and how various cultures interact with Christian evangelism. The course covers communication techniques and presents a study of the different aspects of missionary work such as evangelism, education, church establishment, and training of workers.

MS 433 Missions Internship - Credit Hours: 3

The student will be assigned to a local church mission project or mission program to obtain experience and to increase knowledge of missiology.  With administrative approval upper division students may receive internship credit for participation in an US or World mission outreach.  This course is required for the Missions specialization degree.

MS 493 Missions Seminars - Credit Hours: 1-3

Mission (US and/or World) Seminars of various topics are offered periodically. 

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