Behavioral Science

PY 203 General Psychology - Credit Hours: 3
An course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of human development and behavior; heredity and environment; motivation and emotion; personality and learning.  It is preferred that this course is taken before other PY courses.

PY 223 Introduction to Counseling - Credit Hours: 3                                                                                                            This course covers the basic understanding of counseling.

PY 243 Biblical Counseling - Credit Hours: 3
This course reviews Biblical guidelines for coping with problems of life and provides insight into effective application of these guidelines in counseling situation.

PY 323 Techniques of Counseling - Credit Hours: 3
A study of major approaches to counseling theory and techniques. Primary emphasis will be placed on the church setting.

PY 333 Child Development - Credit Hours: 3
This course is an analysis of the physical, mental, motor and emotional development of children from conception to adolescence.

PY 343 Adolescent Psychology - Credit Hours: 3
A study of the physical, mental, moral and religious development of the adolescent, with an emphasis on the development of an understanding of the personal and social problems experienced by the teenager.

PY 413 Marriage and Family - Credit Hours: 3
A study of dating, marriage and interpersonal relationships in the Christian family. Emphasis is placed on marital adjustment and communication.

PY 423 Addictions - Credit Hours: 3
This course provides insight into the cycle of addictive behavior and how to help individuals break free from the bondage of addictions.

Py 433 Grief, Crisis and Trauma  - Credit Hours: 3
This course is degigned to help the student understand the basis of grief, crisis and trauma, with an intense focus to ministry in the local church. 

PY 493  Behavioral Science Seminars - Credit Hours: 1-3                                                                                             Seminars on various behavioral science topics are offered periodically.